April 5 2022| IT Solutions

Why Is It Important to Regularly Update Word Press Plugins and Themes

You may or may not be aware of the fact that WordPress powers more than 36% of all websites and accounts for more than 60% of all global CMS integrations. It is the world’s most potent content management system (CMS). This is why you should update your plugins frequently for security reasons. Updating is like taking a preventative measure. Sometimes, it may not seem important when notification pops up. But to save you a lot of time and expense later on, it is very important to update your WordPress site. Otherwise, you are risking your website security and missing out on new features / improvements.

Get Help From Professional IT services Company to Assist with Plugin and Theme Updates

You can hire experts in WordPress from professional IT services company to assist with plugin and theme updates.

Before you go into Word Press and themes, plugins, you must understand what they are:

Word Press:

WordPress is an open-source content management system which is a well-liked tool for people who wish to create websites and blogs but have no coding skills. There is no fee for the software. It is free for anyone to install. You can now design whatever kind of website you desire because the software has improved. You can create membership websites, business websites, e-commerce shops, business portfolios, hobby or lifestyle blogs, and mobile applications. The first thing you should do after installing WordPress is pick a theme that suits your tastes and the goals you have for your blog. Themes that support news, magazine, and tiled layouts are available. The next step is to install plugins for any functionality that you require but is not included in the theme, such as social sharing buttons or click-to-tweet.


A plugin for WordPress is a small software program that increases the capabilities of a WordPress website. When using WordPress to create outstanding websites, plugins are crucial. Without understanding a single line of code, they help consumers add functionality to their websites easily. The WordPress.org plugin catalogue has over 50,000 free plugins, and thousands of commercial WordPress plugins created by other developers.


WordPress provides a huge selection of themes for your website, allowing you to modify its appearance without writing any code. Your website's design is provided by the theme, which includes colors, fonts, logos, photos, etc. You would see words like those in a word document without the theme.

So why should you keep it updated regularly?
  • Ensures improved WordPress security
  • Ensures maximum performance benefits
  • Your website remains functional
  • You don’t experience downtime
  • Your website is free of bugs
  • You get access to new features and enhancements

However, maintaining and frequently upgrading your website is important and you can seek the assistance of WordPress experts from IT services company to keep updating your plugins.

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