March 13 2023| Software Development

Introduction to Next.js - A Popular JavaScript Framework

Today's market is flooded with frameworks and libraries, which may cause some developers to question their choices. However, we’re here to help! In this blog, we will learn about Next.js and its core features.

Businesses need to develop an appealing website as part of their digital marketing to build a strong online presence. A responsive website design enables your website to be accessible on desktops as well as mobile devices.

Developing a modern website design is an ideal way to display information and attract target audience to your website. To develop a good and user-friendly website, you need a reliable web development platform or framework. An IT services company can develop a fully optimized website that will increase traffic and ensure more leads and conversions.

A website that is appealing to the eye can create a good first impression and help promote your brand, and a well-designed layout can improve your visitors’ experience. There are many good web developer platforms available today and businesses can consider these for web development. Choosing a good web developer platform/framework is essential. If you choose to outsource web development, you don’t have to worry about choosing the ideal platform to develop your website. However, if doing it in-house, it is important to spend some quality time choosing the right one for your purpose.

What Is Next.js?

Among the available web development platforms, Next.js is a good choice and is a popular option. A simple framework for React applications is called Next.js. It is used in web development to create quick web apps because of its server-side rendering and static website.

Next enables you to create a React application that renders content on the server in advance using server-side caching.

By utilizing Next.js, a user can develop numerous interfaces such as:

  • Marketing websites
  • Landing pages
  • Web Portals
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • Single web pages
  • Static websites
  • eCommerce and retail websites
  • Progressive web applications
Core Features of Next.js app:
  • Rich User Experience
  • Great Performance
  • Faster Feature Development
  • Server Rendering
  • Automatic Code Splitting
  • Hot Code Reloading
  • Ecosystem Compatibility
  • TypeScript Support
  • Static Exports

While it is easier to get started on a website using web developer platforms, there may be many instances when you need the assistance of an experienced web developer whether back-end or front-end, or web designers. Back-end developers are programmers that can develop more complex web applications. They can also handle things like data management and security features.

A front-end developer helps enhance the user experience. They create the part of the website or project that is visible to users. For start-ups, it is important to have a full stack web developer who can easily work on frontend and backend along with the protocols that connect these two. A start-up may need to hire a full stack web developer who can effectively work on a variety of software projects.

The main reason for companies to hire full stack developers is that these web developers have good domain knowledge. They have a broad set of technical skills that helps businesses to expand further. A web development company can help in developing a website that is responsive and search engine optimized for better search results and increased conversions.

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