About Sanjeevi Technology Solutions

Sanjeevi Technology Solutions - Let us help you by visualizing and developing the best products and IT solutions for your customers.

Timely Service Delivery

About Sanjeevi Technology Solutions

At Sanjeevi Technology Solutions, we focus on innovation to find the best options for our client organizations that help them deliver exactly what their customers want. We ensure that our valued clients achieve their organizational goals while staying ahead of their competition.

Let us help you by visualizing and developing the best products and IT solutions for your customers.


Transform your infrastructure, data, and applications to cater to modern enterprise requirements!

Insight, Imagination & Innovation - It All Comes Down to These

Through all aspects of our product development, right from planning to the delivery of the end product, our services are characterized by:

  • Insights driven by data that help you deliver on the needs of your customers and target audience
  • Imagination honed by years of experience to conceive apps that extend the goalposts and exceed customer requirements
  • Innovation to bring those concepts to life in a cost-effective and swift manner that resonates with what the needs of your organization are

These priceless qualities help you stay ahead of your competition and what the market throws at you.


Built to Exceed Requirements

Product Development

We offer various kinds of app & software product development:

We offer various kinds of app & software product development:

  • Application software
  • System software
  • Programming software
  • Embedded software

The various stages of our product development include:

  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Prototype testing
  • Development of final product
  • Testing the software
  • Deployment of the software
  • Constant maintenance

We use various methodologies such as Waterfall, Agile, Incremental, V-model or Rapid App Development (RAD) depending on customer requirements.

Timely Service Delivery

Legacy App to Latest Technology Migration


Great apps once designed as innovative solutions could soon get outdated. Organizations using them could end up being inefficient since those apps aren’t adaptable any more to the changing requirements. We offer legacy system migration to the latest software platform:

The steps we follow for migration include:

  • Identifying the data to be moved and the format it’s in
  • Determining the technical as well as financial requirements for moving the data, and the time required
  • Backing up the data to prevent any kind of data loss
  • Carrying out the actual migration
  • Testing the effectiveness of the migration
  • Carrying out maintenance and check-ups

Healthcare Product Development

Medical requirements just can’t be compromised. The need for people to manage their health conditions from their home has only increased with the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, we offer comprehensive healthcare app development. It could be for any of the following requirements:

  • Attaining fitness goals
  • Routine checks such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Reviewing lab results
  • Managing physician appointments & prescriptions
  • Telemedicine

Employee Product Development

We can design apps that can bring out the best in employees and help them perform to the best of their ability. We strategize on the basis of the devices and systems popular in your organization. We place importance on user experience, be it in the design of the interface, assigning the interface or optimizing the performance of the app.

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