Cloud Backup Services

Eliminate problematic traditional tape backup methods! Use cloud backup services! Secure and reliable off-site storage and cloud data recovery solutions.

Cloud Data Recovery

Eliminate problematic traditional tape backup methods! Embrace cloud backup!

Every business needs to keep its vital data safe and accessible. Data loss can be caused by a system failure, outage, natural disaster or security breach. A strong data backup solution is paramount to prevent data loss caused by impaired website functionality.

Sanjeevi Technology Solutions can provide secure, scalable and reliable off-site storage and recovery solutions for your critical data. Our smart cloud backup solutions mitigate risks and enable business continuity during a disruption. No matter the size of your business, we can provide customized cloud backup services tailored to meet your needs.

In our offsite cloud backup process, your data will be copied and stored on our secure storage system. Our cloud storage solutions ensure you have total coverage and complete control over your data, including fast and easy access. Our managed backup services cover configuring the initial backup, continuous monitoring of the backup process, and support for data recovery.

Gain security, backup performance, file-level recovery, and technical support to manage your cloud environment at affordable rates!


Our Cloud Backup and Recovery Services

  • Secure Data Protection
  • Automated Data Backup processes
  • File Level Recovery
  • Point-in-time Restore
  • Application Consistency
  • Round the Clock Customer Support

Cloud Backup Services

Benefits of Our Cloud Recovery Services

Saves time and reduces operating costs:

No more business software, servers, or external hard drives or other expensive storage methods! With our cloud backup solutions, you save time and money that would go into managing outdated and costly backup, storage, and disaster recovery systems.

Rapid data recovery:

With our efficient backup solutions, you can retrieve your data at any point of time with just a few clicks. Data management is also easy, as it hardly requires any maintenance.

Less downtime:

By quickly restoring your system, you can keep your operations running without interruptions..

Strong data security:

No worries about data theft, ransomware, or virus attacks. Our reliable cloud backup solutions come with end-to-end security.

Disaster recovery:

Our data back-up and restoration services give you peace of mind that your critical data is safe against natural disasters.

We secure your critical data using the appropriate technology and update our software, patches and firewalls on a regular basis.

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